Audiovizualinė reklama

Audiovisual advertising includes video commercials, radio jingles, 3D animation and other advertising material in which the combined forces of sound and image are employed in order to influence certain target audience.

Audiovisual commercials are broadcasted on TV and radio, shown in cinema, on outdoor displays and on websites. It is shown as representational material, or as introduction to product or service. Due to its animated and/or sonorous nature, this kind of advertising really draws the attention of customers.

A good quality audiovisual commercial arouses interest, brings in emotions and is easily memorable.

You need Audiovisual commercial if Your answer to these questions is yes:

  • Nobody knows about Your goods or services?
  • You want to bring spark and emotion to Your product or service?
  • Your client doesn’t have time to read long advertising messages about Your goods?
  • You want to efficiently communicate with the client?

We provide the following services:

Video advertising Audio advertising
  • Video commercials
  • Representational video clips
  • Music clips
  • Shooting
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Montage
  • Musical soundtrack
  • Radio jingles
  • Sound recording
  • Phonograph
  • Sound director’s services

Contact us, and the UAB “Arte Feliz” team of professionals will, with respect to your demands, needs and the profile of a company, create a perfect advertising carrier that will be a powerful weapon in the battle for the client.