2D animacija

2D animation is simply 2D animated graphics. Let’s travel all the way back to our childhood. Remember the cartoons we all used to love to watch? Those cartoons simply are 2D animation. And now, remember how much positive emotions we used to get, and sometimes we get now when watching cartoons. That’s because cartoons are special – they are not just a random piece of commercial on TV break. It is a special mean of integrating life into video commercial, a breath of fresh air and a high standard technological process. Animation has become increasingly popular among clients. Animated movie is a very effective instrument to transmit complicated information in an apprehensible way.

Animation is very valuable if:

  • Good or service is designed for children;
  • You need to show something in a new, not ordinary way;
  • You need to add some humor or positive emotion to the advertised good or service.

We provide the following services:

  • 2D graphics;
  • 3D animation;
  • Animated presentations;
  • Animated screensavers;
  • Information representation in an animated way.

Contact us, and the UAB “Arte Feliz” team of specialists will, with respect to your demands, needs and the profile of a company, create a perfect advertising carrier that will be a powerful weapon in the battle for the client.