3D animacija

Nowadays, You have a chance to show to Your client the future – visit the buildings that doesn’t exist now, take a walk in them, and share Your ideas and desires that will be implemented in the future. 3D movies astound our imagination. They simulate forms in a precise way and are vivid with colour. Because of 3D animation, the bottles of soda become alive, the batteries dance around, and the products smile for us from the blue screens.

With the help of 3D animation, we can implement the most daring and brilliant ideas. We can create a virtual model of the future processes. The 3D technology gives us an opportunity to take a walk in offices and apartments, check out how engine works, explore the underwater depths and so on. The possibilities that 3D technology offers are unique and cannot be repeated in any other technology. With that being said, the combination of 3D and Flash technologies open us even more possibilities:

  • Animated video commercial graphically demonstrates all the advantages of the product: any activity or running mechanism is shown in action.
  • Video commercial will be vivid with colours and memorable as it will show the process which cannot be seen in a real world. For example, yoghurt’s activity in human stomach can be shown providing the information in a colourful and interesting way.
  • Internet website, upgraded with these technologies will be far more appealing and convenient for Your potential customer. For example, you can demonstrate how the purchased product or furniture will look like, or how a certain technology will work.

When designing 3D animation, all the available information about the product’s 3D form is very useful. It can be sketches, press cuttings, books, photos of the object if it already exists in a real world. It is OK if the object does not exist in a real world yet. We can help to embody your thoughts and ideas and give it a shape.

Contact us, and the UAB “Arte Feliz” team of specialists will, with respect to your demands, needs and the profile of a company, create a perfect advertising carrier that will be a powerful weapon in the battle for the client.