Korporacinis filmas

Corporate movie is a video presentation of a company. It differs in many ways from video commercial. Corporate movie represents the company and goods or services it is providing. In addition, it is much longer than video commercial and it is not broadcasted on television. It is an often practice to show this kind of movies on expositions, on presentations, on websites, and in other occasions when there is a demand to present the company for potential partners, as well as future customers.

Corporate movies are targeted at:

  • Inner audience (employees, shareholders). Corporate movies have a big influence on the development of Your company’s inner culture’s climate. Corporate movie explains company’s vision and mission. Often the employees are not able to understand why certain decisions or changes in the company are made. A corporate movie could easily explain these kind of things.
  • External audience (clients, potential customers, investors, business partners, the government). Corporate movie is an excellent instrument to communicate with your potential partners. If you want to demonstrate your possibilities, production, or even manufacturing process, corporate movie is the thing You need. Certainly, you can invite your potential customers or partners into the conference hall or even manufacturing factory and explain everything verbally, but it would involve a great deal of trouble. Instead, it would be much more comfortable to demonstrate a movie in your or partner’s office, or even in the trading venue. Remember, that a proper corporate movie will impress the target audience much more than verbal presentation or presentation with slides.

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