Video montavimas

Video montage is a very responsible and complex activity. In the beginning, the whole film material is overviewed and the best takes of film are selected. Then, a montage sheet is filled – the best takes are recorded in time codes. In film material, 1 second equals 25 frames. So, the whole material is marked in minutes, seconds and frames. After that, the digitalisation of the selected material is made. At this point, the preparatory part is done. The most interesting and liable – creative part – begins. Separate, incompatible parts of film material are put together into a single movie. The most even and rhythmical sequence of the events is created.

The dominating professional opinion is that montage is as important as shooting. Montage gives the precise atmosphere and rhythm. The soundtrack is also a very important part of montage and is added the end.

We can offer you montage services of any level of complexity: starting from the creation and integration of special effects to non-linear montage which is combined with 2D and 3D graphics. We also provide the services of filming, animation and sound recording services.

Contact us, and the UAB “Arte Feliz” team of specialists will, with respect to your demands, needs and the profile of a company, create a perfect advertising carrier that will be a powerful weapon in the battle for the client.