Firminis stilius

The creation of corporate identity is a very important task. It involves both image formation and company ideology’s reflection. Corporate identity combines a few crucial attributes:


  • Logo – A smart logo design is the basis of company’s image.
  • Corporate blank - Company’s image (that is formed with logo’s creation) is highly regarded when creating both corporate blank and business card’s design.  The goal is to reflect corporate identity’s conception and ideology. A corporate blank should be laconic. All elements ought to be correctly assembled in order not to distract customer’s attention, and to help him grasp information.
  • Business card – forms an impression of Your company. In most cases it contains standard information about You, Your company (or a company You work for). Via business card client gets information how to contact You, how to reach You, and where You work. Nowadays business card is a crucial instrument when making new acquaintances.

It is advisable to commit to one designer when creating these elements of corporate identity.  It is simply the best way to reflect company’s ideology and, therefore, to achieve maximum result.

Other attributes of corporate identity that UAB “Arte Feliz” offer:

  • Company’s slogan
  • Layouts for press
  • Webpage design
  • The design of office accessories: corporate folders, binders, invoice blanks, notebooks, CD/DVD, gifts, etc.
  • The design of the representational and promotional attributes: corporate discount cards, discount cards, electronic signatures, booklets, adverting leaflets, flyers, calendars, wobblers, stickers, posters, labels, flags, outfit.
  • Commemorative attributes: invitations, postcards, etc.
  • The design of icons
  • The design of vehicle appearance
  • The design of showcase windows
  • The design of building facade
  • The design of presentations slide’s style.

We present you with several options of Your corporate identity. You choose one of the options and then we improve the details. But don’t forget that the creative work is based on the co-operation: the more we know about you, your company or your production, the more effectively we work for you.