Grafinis dizainas

Design and creativity is the base of contemporary advertising. Nowadays potential customers face hundreds or even thousands of advertising messages every day. The only way to draw client’s attention to your advertising message – is to implement creative ideas applying interesting design.

Graphic design is a creative activity which purpose is to convey a visual content using the various means of art and technology. Up to 90 % of information human acquire via sight. That’s why visuals play such an important role in advertising. Memorable, though, is that in the beginning human conscious mind and subconscious mind sense the colour and shape of the image.  It is not a secret that sharp edges and straight lines convey aggression, whereas smooth and rounded shapes convey tenderness and peace.

Warm colours are lively and attractive, cold colours are more distant. The delicate art of colours and shapes is the most natural to a designer. The designer must be familiar with all the subtleties of colour and shape. By the means of creative thinking, rules of composition, colour and shape’s compatibility designer shows the information that is hidden in the advertising message.

Advertising is the sales promotion. The advertising product created by a professional designer is a creative image that generates actual money.

UAB “Arte Feliz” can offer you a full spectrum of services in the field of graphic design:

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Print design
  • Web design
  • Brand creation
  • Logo creation
  • Corporate identity creation

UAB “Arte Feliz” is a team of young and talented professionals, who work creatively and professionally to meet the customer’s needs.  If you refer to us you can be sure that Your company’s corporate identity, advertising production and all other attributes won’t be unnoticed by your potential customers.  But don’t forget that the creative work is based on co-operation: the more we know about you, your company or your production, the more effectively we work for you.

It is imperial for us to know that our clients are doing good. We aim not for an instant and short-term benefit, but for a long-term collaboration. Choosing to co-operate with UAB “Arte Feliz” you are making a step towards professionalism, because our goal - Your business success.