Lauko reklama

Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular means of advertising. It has many advantages:

  • Quick and comfortable way to spread information;
  • The price of one show time (one contract) is very low;
  • Works 24/7. It cannot be “turned off” or “switched off”;
  • Customer doesn’t need any additional technical instruments to see it.

Outdoor advertising can be both the main and the supplementary mean of spreading information. It is especially effective in the big cities, where its reach is growing every day together with the number of citizens and vehicles in the cities.  As the city itself is a colourful backdrop, your commercial should be laconic and informative, but at the same time attractive and engage interest.  This is precisely the kind of outdoor advertising we do.

We provide these outdoor advertising services: light boxes, posters, tents, window-shop design, wrap advertising (on the public transport and on the cars) and other outdoor advertising products and services.

Contact us, and UAB “Arte Feliz” team in the shortest time possible will create an outdoor commercial for You. With the respect to your demands, needs and a profile of the company, we will create the perfect outdoor commercial that will be a powerful weapon in a battle for the client.