A poster, by a definition, is a big, colourful drawing with a short text, which is hanged indoors or outdoors with a purpose to inform or sell. In fact, poster is a crucial attribute of any commercial campaign. Historical circumstances made people pay attention to the posters. In the olden times posters were exceptionally agitating mean of doing something.  This quality of posters is still present today. So why not use the posters to invite potential customers to use Your company’s services or purchase Your company’s goods?

Poster is a fairly large advertising carrier, so the chances that it will be seen by Your target audience are significant. In order for a poster to fulfill its purpose – to attract people’s attention it should be:

  • Striking
  • Original
  • Funny or provocative
  • Well composed
  • Have a memorable slogan.

We will create and print the poster that will definitely attract Your potential client’s attention. The rest of the work will be done by the poster itself. Posters never just mention something. They shout. But in this case they do it in a good way.

UAB “Arte Feliz” makes commercial, political, agitation and social posters. We implement complex creative projects that demand a great deal of professionalism and out of the box thinking. We also implement projects in which commercial photography is used.  We carry out the whole range tasks: from the creation of a design to the creation of commercial products and other services.