QR kodai
QR code is a fairly popular novelty that was founded in Japan in 1994. Since then, in Japan the QR codes are wildly used in all areas of business. The QR codes system is simple: with the help of program generator, a moderate quantity of information is coded and transformed into a particular picture. The decoding of the QR code is as simple as coding. Customer just has to download Java application. Any phone that supports Java technology and has camera is able to scan the code and, therefore, decipher it. With the help of Java application, You can simply take a picture of the QR code and the decoded information will be directly downloaded into Your phone.

What can be encoded in the QR code?

The main formats of encoding that are wildly used around the world:

  • QR code can hold Your contact information (often used on credit cards).  Your name, surname, telephone numbers, email address and similar info are encoded in QR code.  When decoding this kind of QR code, Your telephone will automatically ask permission to save the contact information to Your phone.
  • Reference link to Your website can be encoded.  This kind of QR code will be recognized as an active link and will instantly suggest to visit Your website.
  • QR code can hold text information. In this case, the text will be shown in Your phone.

The prospects of the QR codes

The majority of marketing specialists believe that in the near future the main mean of advertising will be the QR codes. Many goods already have their QR codes on the packaging. Simply by taking a picture customer can learn loads of additional information about both the product and the manufacturer. This technology is used for a long time by such acknowledged brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and many other.

The main advantage of this technology lies in its simplicity and easy application. The QR codes can be on Your print production, pricelists, packaging, outdoor posters and other advertising carriers.

Where QR codes are being used?

The QR codes are wildly used on business cards and other print production. It is difficult to find a better way to put as much information as possible given the limited dimensions of a business card.

It is very comfortable to use the QR codes on advertising leaflets, brochures and other advertising material. Due to the vast amount of colours, potential customer can miss Your slogan or pictures. But QR code will be noticed at all times. Properly presented QR code can easily become the main force of Your advertising campaign.

QR code is a very comfortable solution when printing catalogs. Every good can be assigned with individual code which will give customer valuable information about the product that couldn’t fit due to the limited space of the page.

If You are interested in this creative and original way to tell more about Your company or goods to Your potential customers, contact us. The UAB “Arte Feliz” team of specialists will, with respect to your demands, needs and the profile of a company, create a perfect advertising carrier that will be a powerful weapon in the battle for the client.